About Us

Sihinaniwasa.lk is an online surface which addresses each and every aspect to make your own home building dream comes true. Not only the property owners or sellers can find buyers or tenants for their properties, or buyers or tenants can find the property they seek. But also, we create a single platform to meet those who engage in the construction industry such as land owners, material suppliers, contractors, consultants, interior designers, engineers, furniture sellers, painters and all parties engage in building construction industry with the interested buyers.

It’s not just a market space, but also an e-magazine. The readers can update their knowledge regarding the industry with the articles published on the website by the industry experienced professionals.

Sihinaniwasa.lk is unique among the other online websites available in Sri Lanka as others are limited to a certain area. In fact, we touch each and every step of bringing your own home building dream in to a reality. It’s not limited to put on a house/ apartment/ business firm. The journey starts with finding a suitable landscape. You may have the concern with the astrology. You may need the latest interior designers’ support. You may concern the CCTV security. You may wish to have a nice garden. What about having a solar plant? We are here to facilitate you to easily find the pioneers in this industry who suits to your pocket within a minimum time. Sihinaniwasa.lk is for lands, Houses, Apartments, Professional/Supporting Services, electric appliances, Building materials, Furniture and everything your dream home needs.

How to reach us

The interested parties may be invited to create your own login account and try our website. It’s a free of charge platform where anyone can visit. Owning a house is a dream of every person. At least once in a life time you may have to experience our website. So, welcome to the new era of the construction industry. It’s a user friendly platform best suits to reach your home building dream.

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